Friday, 3 June 2011

ICE COLD IN ALEX - Blu-ray Competition

On 13th June 2011 another digitally restored British Classic War movie, ICE COLD IN ALEX, is released onto UK Blu-ray disc. This award-winning film was directed by J. Lee Thompson and famously stars John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Harry Andrews & Anthony Quayle. The movie is based on the novel by Christopher Landon.

WWII, North Africa. When the Germans begin an attack on the Allied held town of Tobruck in Libya, an evacuation is ordered. A fatigued transport pool Officer Captain Anson (John Mills) and his loyal MSM Tom Pugh (Harry Andrews) commandeer a battered old ambulance, and taking aboard two nurses left behind, they decide to cross the desert back to British lines. They soon encounter a South African officer, Captain Van der Poel (Anthony Quayle) whose two large bottles of gin persuade Anson to let him travel with them. All manner of obstacles threaten to curtail their progress through the desert - a minefield, a broken suspension spring, some quick-sand – and Van der Poel quickly arouses suspicion with his obsessive attachment to his large and mysterious backpack, and lack of knowledge of South African tea-brewing techniques. All the while, all that sustains them is Captain Anson’s promise of the tall, frothy, ice-cold glasses of beer that await them upon their arrival in Alexandria (the “Alex” of the title. Adapted by Christopher Landon from his own classic novel and based on his own experiences serving in North Africa, ICE COLD IN ALEX is a rip-roaring tale of determination, courage and ingenuity in the most unforgiving of environments, and the friendships that are born out of such endurance.

Blu-ray Extras: Interview with Sylvia Syms / John Mills’ home movie footage / Trailer / Photo Gallery.

Now here's your chance to win a new Blu-ray of this classic British film. Thanks to Optimum Home Entertainment we have 3 copies to offer. To be in with a chance of winning you need to answer the following question correctly:

Name the UK comedian who appeared in a spoof of this film for a well-known beer commercial?

Update 30th June 2011. The competition is now closed. The winners are: Robert Strong (Cambridgeshire), Lisa Meadows (Dundee) and T. Hunter (Hampshire). Expect your Blu-ray in the mail very soon.

If you would like to catch this movie on the big screen then head over to The Odeon, Panton Street, London where it will be showing from June 17th.

Here's the trailer: