Friday, 24 February 2012


We just discovered these two low budget Scandinavian shockers out on DVD.

INSANE (2010) is directed by Anders (EVIL ED) Jacobsson and Tomas Sandquist and is a PSYCHO-inspired slasher flick with the premise being that "a young woman is looking for her sister who's been missing for 2 weeks. After yet another resultless day she decides to stay the night at the first hotel she finds, “The Bridgeburn”. The hotel looks empty and it's in the middle of nowhere but she is tired and decides to take a look. She parks the car and starts to walk towards the entrance. The hotel is totally dark except for a ray of light that seems to come from a small room behind the reception desk. Suddenly the entrance door opens and a dark shadow appears..."
INSANE, which was shot in English, is available on Sick Films DVD and can be purchased from here.

On the same DVD label is DRAGONETTI: THE RUTHLESS CONTRACT KILLER (2010), at first glance, this looks like a Euro-Crime Thriller but soon morphs into much more than that as the Italian hitman Dragonetti, is hired by a Swedish mob-boss to get rid of his rivals. However, things go badly wrong as the killer murders the wrong bad guys. A price is put on the assassin's head and he has to flee from a team of highly trained soldiers. Dragonetti pulls his trump card, it seems he made a pact with Satan and in return for his soul he is now virtually indestructable! This off-beat and gory low-budgeter is described by it's director Jonas Wolcher as an action-packed bloody "mix of RAMBO, ICHI THE KILLER and HELLRAISER". This too was shot in English an can also be purchased from here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Horror Collectors should check out this glorious gory publication from Germany entitled TENEBRARUM. It's a beautifully presented and weighty tome that is lovingly produced in small numbers. Issue 1 has 96 A4 pages dedicated to Ruggero Deodato's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and is packed with a wealth of full colour pics and posters plus goes into great detail about the production and the publicity for the movie. The complete text is provided in English and German.
Issue 2 has 84 pages dedicated to Marino Girolami's ZOMBI HOLOCAUST and is equally packed to the seams with full colour stills and posters. The text is also both English and German friendly.
Produced and Edited by Martin Beine, these very impressive and highly collectable tributes are limited so grab 'em from here while you still can. The third issue will feature Lucio Fulci's ZOMBI 2.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Euro Horror Screenings tomorrow at The Custard Factory

Just a reminder that tomorrow on the 18th February 2012 there are DVD screenings of Classic Euro Horror Films at The Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham. Places are limited as there are only 100 seats. This show features CASTLE OF THE WALKING DEAD, MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN, BAY OF BLOOD and FRANKENSTEIN'S BLOODY TERROR (MARK OF THE WOLFMAN). There's even a dealer area with plenty of goodies on sale throughout the day. Call Peter on 01527-60032 for more info...

Monday, 13 February 2012


Here's a flyer showing the 2012 dates for the CAMDEN FILM FAIR. Next is Saturday 14th April. Then there are two themed shows featuring special guests who will be signing. Italian Horror Day is on May 26th where actor BOBBY RHODES (DEMONS, DEMONS 2, THE LAST HUNTER, ENDGAME, JONATHAN OF THE BEARS) will be in attendance. This is followed by British Horror Day on 18th August which will feature NORMAN J. WARREN (Director of: SATAN'S SLAVE, TERROR, PREY, BLOODY NEW YEAR, INSEMINOID), MICHAEL ARMSTRONG (Director of: MARK OF THE DEVIL, THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR; Writer of: HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS, SCREAMTIME) and DAVID McGILLIVRAY (Writer of: HOUSE OF WHIPCORD, FRIGHTMARE, TERROR, SATAN'S SLAVE, SCHIZO, THE CONFESSIONAL). Further Fairs follow on 20th October and 8th December.
If you collect movies and movie material then why not pop along for a few hours and mix with like-minded collectors and film-buffs.


If you appreciated the mighty MACHETE with Danny Trejo then you'll be very pleased to know that the sequel is due to start filming in April. MACHETE KILLS is the second of a planned trilogy.


Paul Naschy fans should seek out this very special edition of his monster-fest ASSIGNMENT TERROR - it's just been issued in Germany as a collectable limited edition of just 1000 copies (as DRACULA JAGT FRANKENSTEIN) with English subtitles. This set comes with a cool Creepy Images booklet about the film and is beautifully packaged. There are also 3 other covers without the booklet but they are even more limited! The DVD label is called Film Art with a sub-heading of the 'Trivialfilm Kollektion', this being numbered No.1.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

CAMDEN FILM FAIR - Saturday 11th February 2012

Attention Film Collectors - If you are in the London area on Saturday 11th Februay 2012 then why not come along to the Camden Film Fair - here you can buy lots of movies and other film memorabilia...

THE WALKING DEAD Season 2 resumes soon on UK FX Channel

Attention UK Walking Dead followers. Season 2 will resume on Friday 17th February at 10pm on FX. According to the official blurb "The return of the second season delivers more of everything: more hard decisions, more emotional struggles and more zombies"...