Friday, 24 February 2012


We just discovered these two low budget Scandinavian shockers out on DVD.

INSANE (2010) is directed by Anders (EVIL ED) Jacobsson and Tomas Sandquist and is a PSYCHO-inspired slasher flick with the premise being that "a young woman is looking for her sister who's been missing for 2 weeks. After yet another resultless day she decides to stay the night at the first hotel she finds, “The Bridgeburn”. The hotel looks empty and it's in the middle of nowhere but she is tired and decides to take a look. She parks the car and starts to walk towards the entrance. The hotel is totally dark except for a ray of light that seems to come from a small room behind the reception desk. Suddenly the entrance door opens and a dark shadow appears..."
INSANE, which was shot in English, is available on Sick Films DVD and can be purchased from here.

On the same DVD label is DRAGONETTI: THE RUTHLESS CONTRACT KILLER (2010), at first glance, this looks like a Euro-Crime Thriller but soon morphs into much more than that as the Italian hitman Dragonetti, is hired by a Swedish mob-boss to get rid of his rivals. However, things go badly wrong as the killer murders the wrong bad guys. A price is put on the assassin's head and he has to flee from a team of highly trained soldiers. Dragonetti pulls his trump card, it seems he made a pact with Satan and in return for his soul he is now virtually indestructable! This off-beat and gory low-budgeter is described by it's director Jonas Wolcher as an action-packed bloody "mix of RAMBO, ICHI THE KILLER and HELLRAISER". This too was shot in English an can also be purchased from here. Enjoy!