Friday, 16 March 2012

Trashy Trailers - FROM THE VAULTS Vol. 1

If you need a fix of pure Trailer Trash then you'll be in 7th heaven with this old-skool compilation DVD from our pal Lovely Jon. Here's the press release: "From The Vaults is a bewildering compilation of old school video madness from Lovely Jon's extensive collection of VHS tapes. An avid collector of worldwide exploitation videos for over three decades (traveling the globe to unearth unseen gems of analogue insanity) - Lovely Jon is finally opening the gates and is presenting this limited release from his personal vaults of the wildest, most jaw-dropping video tape trash in existence. from the backstreets of Bangkok and The Salonika, to the off-track suburbs of Dubai, New York and East London - this crazed selection encompasses Jon's obsessive quest in excavating those AWOL nuggets that remain hidden and undisturbed in dusty warehouses, ex-rental stores, double-glazing shop backrooms and flea-ridden boot markets". This delirious DVD is strictly limited and can be obtained from here.