Wednesday, 21 April 2010

DROPBOX... what is it?

If, like me, you are worried about backing up your important files, scared of losing that pesky USB memory stick, terrified of corrupting a CD-R… then help is at hand… with DROPBOX. It’s a brilliant device that not only backs up your work, photos, notes, reports, etc but also links and synchs everything between your PC, laptop and even iPhone! And what’s more it is totally FREE for 2GB storage! Excellent stuff indeed
You easily open a new folder marked My Dropbox on your computer (works on Macs too), then transfer your important files into it. It's then backed up online. Then you establish a My Dropbox folder on your laptop or netbook, and all your online files copy into that folder. This also happens when you install the free iPhone app (if you have one of course). Then whenever you open up a file in your My Dropbox folder on any of these devices and make a change to it, the change is backed up and all three versions of it are changed.
Why not have a look at the website for more details. Having only just been converted to this brilliant back-up package I’m convinced it’s the way forward.
Now here’s the thing, if you click on any of the Dropbox links in this article and sign up for a free Dropbox on your system, I get an extra free 250MB of Dropbox space – and so do you! Have a look… you know it makes sense.