Sunday, 9 May 2010

JIGOKU - A Visual Mixtape (DVD)

Readers of our very own IS IT UNCUT? will be familiar with reviewer Lovely Jon and it is our duty to point you in the direction of his other interest... mixing music and film.
Jigoku is in essence an audio visual manifestation brought to you by a team partnership now 15 years ongoing created by film buff and cinema aficionado Dj Lovely Jon & producer, remixer, recording artist Dj Cherrystones. This is a rollercoaster ride of obscure cinematic and musical rarities - presented as a highly unique visual mixtape (DVD).
Having curated off the wall and specific underground film nights (housed by such venues as the ICA, Raymond Revue Bar and Other Cinema) the DVD is a demonstration of what to expect at a Jigoku show.
Fast-paced clips and tailored psychedelic backgrounds made to keep your heart beating - a slew of highly obscure 60’s &70’s horror, giallo and popart snapshots entice the eye to go deeper and perplex the very nature of what you perceive to hear and see.
Jigoku have been pushing boundaries within these genres for many years now utilising a DIY aesthetic to create a sense of visual autonomy combined with subtle audio re- scores: now watch!

If you want to see more then the Limited Edition hour long DVD is available - Jigoku can be located at